Western Wearing Icons

As most of you know, Tylor and I grew up in two totally different worlds. Tylor was brought up in Helix, OR - a place so small that it can barely be classified as a town. I grew up in Boise - which in the late 80’s and early 90’s was certainly not a “city” by any means, but we did at least have traffic lights and a place to buy groceries. Our childhoods could not have been more different, but there is one thing that showed up in both of our lives and made an impact - Music. 

We were both fortunate enough to have families who believed in good music and made sure that we were exposed and educated on it. As a result we both dreamed of becoming musicians and as we grew we started to identify with some of our musical icons. Our passion for western style is a direct result of a lifetime of watching closely as our heroes evolved in both their music and style. So we’ve decided to honor those who made an impact on us by telling their stories and sharing the style statements that we love. Not only will we be featuring our music heroes, but also iconic film stars that helped to make the western style live on.


Even though western style originated over 100 years ago somehow it manages to stay relevant, evolving through the decades. Some of our favorites in the music world and beyond continue to rock the look, putting their own spin on it and influencing a new generation of western wearing, music loving folks like us. Here are a few to watch: 

Each month we’ll be sharing one of our favorites with you on the blog so stay tuned!