We're Engaged!!

When I started this blog, I really had no idea how to write a blog or what it should be about. We had all kind of ideas, but amidst the craziness of our lives, it got lost in the shuffle and left behind for a while. I’m ready to come back to it now and I figured, what better way to re-start than to share some BIG personal news?! Now this news is a little bit belated, but for anyone who hasn’t heard …. We got engaged!

Now we’re in the throes of wedding planning and all the stuff that goes along with it, but I just want to take a moment to share the story of our engagement with you because although I am most certainly biased, it was pretty magical! So here it is:

Monday October 8th: Lets just start off by saying that Tylor and I rarely get time to travel on our own, just us (and Emmylou Dog of course) so I was beyond excited for this adventure. A full week together 💕 We made very few plans aside from booking lodging and decided to just go with the flow and stop to see things along the way as we came across them. That was the best decision ever! No agenda, no time schedules and no one else to worry about. I think I’ll travel this way from now on honestly lol! Day one took us to Portland with a nice stop at Multnomah Falls... because you can’t not stop and take that view in. After a good dose of nature’s magic we headed into Portland, checked into our cute and funky little Airbnb cottage and found ourselves a pretty epic Thai Food place for dinner. I was obsessing over the neighborhood we were staying in, as per usual (#realtorlife ) but mostly I couldn’t wait to get to ocean the next day.

Tuesday October 9th: Day 2 of our adventure had us back on the road and headed straight to the ocean! Miss Emmylou got to experience her first run on the beach and got her paws wet in the waves. We checked into our first yurt of the trip and set out to Ecola State Park to go hiking. The views were breathtaking, but mostly I just couldn’t wait to get up into the hills and down to Indian Beach 🌊💗

When we made it Ecola State Park we had one mission - hike to Indian Beach! We were feeling a little discouraged because it seemed like all of the trails were closed due to a wash out that happened recently. It was getting late and we were running out of daylight... I was about ready to give up. As a last ditch effort we decided to follow the last trail we came to in hopes that it would be open the entire way and would take us to our destination. The forest was dense and green and beautiful which made the uphill climb feel more bearable. Around each turn we expected to find a trail closure, but luck was on our side and we kept climbing. If you know me, you know that I am like a kid in a candy store when I’m in the forest - constantly stopping in complete awe of the magic of Mother Nature. There is nowhere in the world that I feel more alive and happy and peaceful than in a place like that. We came to a spot where the sun was shining through the trees like a spotlight. There was this perfect little platform there and Tylor pulled me aside for what I assumed was a place to stop, rest and take in the view. As we stood there I was joking about how out of breath we both were and that we definitely needed to hit the gym when we got home lol! Tylor pulled me in and i could feel his heart pounding. I looked at him and asked “are you ok?! Your heart is beating so fast!” He just looked at me and started into the sweetest speech I’ve ever heard and before I could even process what was happening he was down on one knee with a beautiful sparkling diamond ring 💍✨ in his hand asking me to spend forever adventuring together 💗 Of course I burst into tears and said YES! It was just us in the still of the forest with the sun beaming down on us in the most perfect moment. We hiked the rest of the trail which led us right to Indian Beach where we watched the sun set without another soul in sight. It was perfect and perfectly US 💕

Needless to say, the rest of our vacation was amazing. We continued our trek down the pacific coast highway soaking in as much ocean air as possible. On our last night before we made our way to Tylor’s parent’s house we stopped in Gold Beach. We spent the evening on an empty beach with our dog child, Miss Emmylou. We ate dinner in an almost empty restaurant with one other couple, we ended up talking to them and giving them a Tylor & the Train Robbers CD. We stayed in a shitty motel and everything was perfect.

Some days I’m just thankful that you came into my life when you did, other days I have no idea how I made it through life without you, and some days it hits me again how insanely fortunate I am to have found you. These are the days that I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I can’t wait to spent forever together building our dreams into reality. 💗